August 23, 2018
What would you do without your best friends? When you’re having a bad day, they can cheer you up. When you achieve something great, they’re ready to celebrate with you. And when everything falls apart, they help you pick up the pieces. Since moving can be incredibly stressful and tiring, it makes sense that we turn to our friends for assistance with carrying all those heavy boxes and furniture. Although your friends are likely happy to help, be a good friend and show your gratitude. Use the tips below if you’re wondering how to thank friends for moving help.
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How to Thank Friends for Moving Help

Provide Pizza and Drinks.

At the very least, you ought to provide your friends with sustenance, especially if the move occurs during a typical mealtime. The most common, classic choice is to give your buddies pizza and beer. Since you can schedule a pizza delivery and drinks (beer, wine, soda, whatever you prefer) are available at every grocery store and gas station, this won’t require a lot of effort on your part. Plus, you don’t necessarily need plates (which may be hiding in a box). Although you don’t have to choose pizza, make sure that you select a food that everyone enjoys and keep food allergies/sensitivities/preferences in mind.

Host a Party.
Once you’ve unpacked in your new space, consider hosting a party to thank your friends. This will give everyone time to relax after the tiring moving day. Select the type of party you and your friends most enjoy. For example, you could host a dinner party, a cocktail party, a game night, a video game marathon, a dance party . . . Whatever floats your boat! Even if you call it a housewarming party, tell your friends not to bring gifts – this is your gift to them, after all!

Consider Other Ideas.

If you’re unable or unwilling to offer pizza/drinks or host a party, consider these other ideas to show your appreciation:
  • Offer to take your friends out to lunch or dinner.
  • Bake homemade treats (brownies, cookies, pie).
  • Send a handwritten note with a gift card.

Return the Favor.
Finally, when your friends mention an upcoming move, return the favor. Voluntarily and cheerfully offer to help. Show up on time, don’t complain, and help with all the heavy lifting. If you already have important plans on the day of their move, consider sending a gift in lieu of your helping hands. For example, you could send a gift card to their favorite restaurant, a bottle of wine, or a gift basket._____As Jerry Seinfeld explains in a fantastic episode of Seinfeld, helping someone move is a huge step in a relationship. So now that you know how to thank friends for moving help, we hope you go out of your way to express your appreciation. Whether you move your belongings to a new home or a storage unit, helping hands can lighten the load.Finally, if you need extra storage space or a place to store your belongings between moves, consider renting a storage unit. You can reduce the clutter in your home, and keep your belongings safe. If you live near Springfield, Missouri, consider contacting Elite Storage Centers for all of your storage needs. We offer a variety of storage unit options including climate-controlled storage. Give us a call at 417.725.8990 to learn more, or click here to check out our sizing and pricing. We look forward to hearing from you!